AntiHook SDK

What is AntiHook SDK?

The problem:

Professional Cyber criminals are creating sophisticated zero-day malware that targets different organisations. Traditional signature based detection approach taken by Anti-Virus vendors does not work. Even worse - it gives a false sense of security! Thousands of computers are exposed. Many of the attacks cost companies their reputation. Millions of dollars stolen.

The solution:

AntiHook SDK is a behavioural based kernel protection that integrates with Windows kernel and captures the OS and applications activity.

AntiHook's execution monitoring component captures following kernel level operations:

  1. Process and threads activity
  2. Registry modifications
  3. File I/O operations
  4. Network activity

AntiHook SDK has been commercially available for over 8 years. The product support both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms of Windows.

AntiHook SDK is now part of Vinsula VEE.

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